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Chiropractic Care Offers A Better Quality Of Life

A number of studies have shown patients are more likely to be satisfied with their health care experience during a chiropractic visit when compared to a medical visit. One of the likely reasons is that chiropractors tend to educate their patients on their health condition. Actually, one of the wonderful qualities of a chiropractic doctor is their willingness to educate their patients. In a recent study published in the prestigious international journal Spine, researchers found women suffering from chronic low back pain who participated in back school had a significantly improved quality of life score when compared with those who had not participated. Not familiar with the term back school? Well as the name suggests, back school is simply a term referring to any program offered by a health care professional or related company that educates individuals on their back and spine. This includes the back and spinal anatomy, proper postural techniques, training in specific occupational-related tasks and techniques as well as other tips and suggestions to prevent future and manage current back and spinal related problems. While some chiropractors have their own formal back schools in place, most simply provide similar information to their patients on a more personalized, one-on-one environment. Interested in improving your quality of life? It could be as simple as calling your local doctor of chiropractic.

Source: Spine. 33(15):1617-1621, July 1, 2008.