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Chiropractors May Be Integrated Into US Armed Forces

Republican and democratic senators have just introduced concurrent resolution in the US Senate to support commissioning doctors of chiropractic as officers in the Armed Forces. Senate Concurrent Resolution 75 requests that the Secretary of Defense take immediate steps to establish a career path for doctors of chiropractic as commissioned officers in all branches of the Armed Forces. According to ACA President Dr. Glenn Manceaux, DC, "This resolution, along with its House counterpart, sends a crystal-clear message to the Department of Defense that Congress wants doctors of chiropractic fully integrated into the Armed Forces health care system." The senators feel that "access to chiropractic care through commissioned chiropractic officers will enhance the combat readiness of military personnel" and will "increase the cost-effectiveness of military health care expenditures by taking advantage of the conservative, drugless and non-surgical care option" offered by doctors of chiropractic.

Source: April 14, 2008.