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Don't Sit Up Straight?

We've all heard our moms tell us to sit up straight and not slouch. New research may now change that advice. According to Canadian researchers from the University of Alberta Hospital, sitting upright at 90 degrees places more stress on the back as compared with reclining to a position of 135 degrees. Researchers found those sitting in chairs at angles of 135 degrees experienced the least amount of stress on the muscles, ligaments and tendons of their backs. However, sitting at a 90 degree position resulted in very high amounts of stress on the back and spine. If you're wondering how to easily achieve a 135 degree position, simply buy a protractor at your local office supply store and use it as a guide. If your chair tends to give a bit once you sit due to bodyweight, you may wish to set your angle slightly less to ensure that once you're seated, your chair angle is 135 degrees - if possible, have a friend assist when you're seated in order to achieve this optimal angle. If this is a new position for you and does result in pain or discomfort, or, is inappropriate for your seated tasks, be sure to listen to your body and adjust your chair to a more comfortable position. Pain is rarely a good thing and is your body's way to inform you something is not right. If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort, don't neglect your body's warnings. Call today and allow us to evaluate your back so we can get you out of pain and on the road to health.

Source: Radiological Society of North America; 2006 Annual Meeting.